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Concrete Batch Plant Spare Parts

HT-HI provides all kinds of high-quality wearing parts for the casting industry. Our castings are produced from abrasion resistant iron with a minimum hardness of 550 brinell hardness. The accessories of HT-HI can work with concrete for as long as 70-80 thousand times.

    We offer the following castings
  • Wear Liner
  • Mixing Blade
  • Mixing Arm
  • Casting Wear Ring
  • Cast Iron Spacer
  • Wear Plate

Concrete Mixer Brands Supported:
Korea: SPECO

Material Standards
Casting steel: DIN, JIS, EN, ASTM, GB
Manganese steels: with a Mn content of 13%-17%
White chromium alloy castings, Cr content of 8-29%
Ni hard cast iron: containing 2-6%
Low alloy martensitic steels

Examples of our works:
Wearable parts for concrete mixer
    Mixing arm for concrete mixer
    Mixing blade
    Spacer & ring
    Wall liners
    On-site installation

Why Choose Us
We strictly control all performance parameters of our products. Currently HT-HI is China’s largest manufacturer of abrasion-resistant parts for both concrete and asphalt mixers. Our manufacturing facilities occupy an area of 58,000 square meters. We have 6 advanced production workshops and one R&D center. Each year we have the capacity to produce 20,000 tons of wear-resistant Cr/Mn hard cast iron castings.

More Details
  • Precise mold making: We utilize the most advanced 3D simulation PROCAST & Solidworks 3D software, in order to guarantee a high-precision mold making and casting process.
  • Fully automatic production line: The Denmark DISA MATIC 200 vertical molding line operates with a high level of automation. The sand which has been sorted can be recycled. The entire manufacturing process is energy-efficient and friendly to environment.
  • Constant-temperature casting: Constant-temperature casting and casting purity can be guaranteed with the use of Japanese Toshiba constant-temperature casting control system and patented filter screen.
  • Strict quality control: Direct-reading spectrometers from Thermo Fisher and Barid are adopted. The production process is monitored in real time for the purpose of quality control.
  • Health and safety is at the center of everything we do, from the daily routines in our plants to our customers' project worksites.
    How to Place an Order
    You can order our concrete batching plant spares and mixing plant accessories in 3 ways:
  • Tell us the brand and specification of your equipment.
  • Give us the drawings or samples, and we will design and manufacture according to what clients have provided.
  • The finished parts are sent to customers to confirm.
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