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    Maanshan HaiTian Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as HT-HI) is an expert heavy equipment spare part manufacturer since June 2004. We have emerged as one of the largest concrete mixer parts and asphalt mixer spares providers in China, with roughly 20 thousand tons of high chrome and high manganese cast iron produced in HT-HI every year.

  • Engineering Capability

    Our engineers with many years of casting experience are committed to designing customer-designed products and making practical solutions that help save you time, reduce costs and add value.

    ProCAST software is the simulation tool we use for addressing the details in casting process: filling, solidification and porosity prediction, which incorporates core blowing and semi-solid modeling.

  • Patents
    • A method for manufacturing hollow grinding ball
    • A method for manufacturing large wear-resistant grinding ball
    • A kind of large wear-resistant hollow ball with excellent comprehensive performance
    • Wear-resistant ring of concrete mixer
  • Sustainable Development

    As HT-HI, we want to lead in sustainability and set new standards. We want to help transform the way our industry works and encourage the whole casting industry to play its full part in addressing our planet’s biggest issues.

    Reduce by 20% the amount of freshwater we withdraw to produce each ton of castings.
    Ensure access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to all our employees and contractors on all our operational sites.