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As HT-HI, we want to lead in sustainability and set new standards. We want to help transform the way our industry works and encourage the whole casting industry to play its full part in addressing our planet’s biggest issues.

Reduce by 20% the amount of freshwater we withdraw to produce each ton of castings.
Ensure access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene to all our employees and contractors on all our operational sites.

HT-HI owns a multitude of gas-fired fully automatic tunnel kilns and large annealing furnaces which reduce 30% emission than coal fired furnaces.

Labor saving & sand recycling
HT-HI avails itself of automated moulding installations for green sand moulding and chemical moulding, with robotic sand manipulators, recycling of moulding sands of a mechanical and thermal type.

Health & Safety
At HT-HI, we believe that "if we’re good in safety, then we’re good in business." Health and safety is a critical success factor for our operational performance and not something we regard as a separate activity.