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Cast Iron Melting Furnace

HT-HI has been continually striving for excellence in equipment and technology, and has made the production fully automatic for improved quality and efficiency. We have 4 dependent molding lines to meet the most demanding needs.

  • Graphic design and simulation
    PROCAST (ESI Group): simulation software with steel feed and solidification modules; Solidworks 3D, AutoCAD
  • Advanced vertical molding line
    Denmark DISA MATIC 200- robotic moulding with automatic sand recycling system
  • TOSHIBA Mold Temperature Controller & Patented Slag Filter
    a. The constant temperature controller ensures consistent temperature of the molten iron in the casting process
    b. Slag generated in the casting process in removed by patented ceramic filter technology
  • Metallurgical Lab
    a. Direct-reading spectrometers from Thermo Fisher and Barid are adopted to test the components of the molten iron
    b. Average metal grain size is tested by metallographic microscope
  • Automatic Heat Treatment Tunnel Kiln