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Casting Inspection

Quality Control during Production

Production of molten iron is under strict control to guarantee the quality and accuracy. Our melting workshop incorporates an independent lab which has been specially established for spectrum analysis. Two advanced vacuum direct-reading spectrometers are employed for the real-time testing of molten iron.

  • Thermo FisHer ARL2460 from the United States
  • BAIRD Spectrovac FSQ from the United Kingdom

Product Inspection

In our quality control department, we have introduced a full range of testing machines for the comprehensive analysis and detection of product quality. Primary testing equipment includes: direct-reading spectrometer, metallographic microscope, nondestructive flaw detector, automatic hardness tester, physical property testing equipment and foundry sand testing equipment, among others.

Hardness Test

NSS Shore hardness tester from Japan and two sets of Rockwell hardness tester are employed to ensure that the hardness of our spare parts reach 55HRC.

We conduct breaking load, toughness, tensile strength and elongation tests for finished product.

Sand Laboratory

Tests for the parameters of moulding and core making sands: compaction, permeability, granulometry, presence of fine aggregates, humidity, tensile and flexural strength, calcination losses, and magnetic residue content

Metallographic Analysis

Metallographic analysis test incorporates chemical composition analysis, metallographic phase analysis and residual austenite content analysis

Nondestructive Test

HT-HI has advanced inspection equipment and experienced technicians to support the following NDT (non-destructive testing):
3D and visual dimensional control
Penetrating fluid inspection
Magnetic particle monitoring
X-ray inspection
Ultrasound test